04 -05 April 2019 |       

Prudential Supervision - Oversight Analyst

National Bank of Belgium

Reinout Temmerman

Take your seat amongst a diverse mix of professionals - institutional members, policymakers, executives from leading corporations, Bankers, Fintechs and Merchants, gathering for two days to explore every aspect of the way we pay - with 14 talks, interactive sessions and panel discussions, this exclusive international Forum will surely boost the advancement of the Fintech, payments and e-commerce sectors across the region.

An exclusive gathering not to be missed! This Forum will explore every aspect of payments - from upcoming regulation to new payment methods and practical case studies. Attended by senior executives from across the UK, EMEA and Russian Federation –  this is a unique opportunity to learn and network with leading international experts and likeminded peers. Be part of it:

Larry Potter

Chief Risk Officer

Starling Bank 

Experts within their fields, we bring you a select group of industry leaders, policymakers and regulators to share their knowledge and experience.

Here's a sneak peek at what some of our past attendees had to say about the Forum structure and attendee experience!

Well done! I haven’t been to a conference which was so well organised in a very long-time! The whole event was organised to perfection! Keep up the good work!

Marise Chetcuti, CDDS Mediterranean Country Manager



Our Speakers


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Ludwig Mallia, MeDirect Malta Senior Manager - Core Banking Platforms

Impressive stage of presenters discussing actual hot topics in the payments industry. A good forum for networking with others working in the same sector & also payments/financial services experts

Alistair Brown, EPAM  Global Head of Payments

Nextgen Payments brings together an excellent blend of payments experts to discuss current trends and challenges in the payments arena. It’s simply one of the best of its type out there right now

Vassos Aristodemou, NetInfo - CEO

NPF Forum was very interactive, provided information on trends regulations and cyber security

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Sébastien de Brouwer 

Chief Policy Officer

European Banking Federation

Peter Oakes

Fintech Ireland

Board Director
TransferMate & Susquehanna Int.

Vivek Bajaj

Vice President, Global Financial Services Solutions IBM Industry Platforms


Tony Craddock

General Director 

Emerging Payments Association

Maria Teresa Arráez

Deputy Head of Division - Market Integration, Directorate General
Market Infrastructure and Payments

European Central Bank

Nextgen Payments Forum

 Limassol, Cyprus     


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Chief Operating Officer 

Starling Bank

Julian Sawyer

Senior Consultant Retail 

Payments Advisory Group

Paul Alfing 

Head of Business Development


Andrius Biceika 

ParticipationSponsorship enquiry

Director of the Accounting, Payment and Settlement Systems Department

Bank of Israel

Irit Mendelson